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Wealth Management


Taking time to understand the complexities of of Investing, Estate Planning, Taxes, and Social Security is difficult at best for everyone-not just retirees. Tactical Investment Advisors, LLC was created to first educate and empower and then deliver strategies to help you make sound decisions about managing your wealth.  Pre and post retirees require steady retirement income, inflation fighting investments, risk management, estate plans, and flexibility.  

How do we help?

First we:

  • Identify risk, uncover common hidden fees, and present analysis of your current portfolio and estate;
  • Analyze the impact your current holdings have on your taxes and other parts of your estate;
  • Prepare and present an analysis with supporting data and facts;
Then we show you how to:
  • Preserve your capital through various risk management techniques;
  • Provide a guaranteed income stream to that supplements Social Security and pays your basic bills;
  • Ensure your monthly budget is stabilized and match an income stream to that budget;
  • Minimize or eliminate your taxes if possible;
  • Utilize various allocations/instruments that attempt to stave off future inflation.

In dollars, how much of your investments are at risk if the markets crumble or interest rates rise? Even your Bonds have significant risk if interest rates rise! 

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