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Jason Solomon

Managing Member

(980) 233-9770

Securities License: 3,65

Insurance Licenses: Life and Health, Medicare Supplement

In September of 2001 Jason began his financial services career at New York Life while attending Western Michigan University.  Since then, his industry experiences include managing all aspects of a hedge fund (T.I.A. Fusion Fund, LP), financial planning, and mentoring other financial advisors. 

Jason and his team build innovative tax and investment solutions to help investors reach their financial objectives. Tactical Investment Advisors’s investment portfolios accommodate:

  • Retirees looking for lifetime income from their investments  
  • Investors looking for a different approach to preserving or building their wealth
  • Aggressive investors attempting to take advantage of changing Macro-Economic conditions

Jason is most proud of his work during the financial crisis when his team exploited the difference between traditional and risk managed investing, successfully navigating the market turbulence with positive results in both 2008 and 2009. 

Mr. Soloman also teaches a popular investment program titled “Trade With Options” where he lectures about the importance of quantifying and containing risk in an investment portfolio to his prospective and existing clients.

Originally from the northwestern lower peninsula of Michigan, Jason moved to Charlotte in August of 2003. He now spends summers ‘up north’ and winters in North Carolina.  Jason spends his free time with his three children-Sofia, Olivia, and Patrick.

Occasionally, you will find Jason playing ice hockey or golf in local adult leagues.